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Step One:

Choose your activity:

Walk, Run, Hike, Bike, Step, Swim, Paddle or create an activity

Step Two:

Determine your challenge in miles

Steppers hint: for the average person 2,000 steps = 1 mile

Step Three:

Sign up and create your personal challenge web page on the Step Up site.

Step Four:

Share your challenge with others, and seek donations towards your goal.

Step Five:

Ready, Set, Step Up! Connect with Strava and GO!

Step Up!

New to Strava? You can register here for free.

Once you've setup a Strava account, make sure you've logged in to your fundraising page first then ...

  1. Go to Edit Page
  2. Select Fitness
  3. Click the Connect Strava button

If you don't want to use Strava, you can use the Log Fitness button on your page activity feed to track your distance.

Put your best foot forward and use Strava's local guides to find route inspiration near you.

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